The forced mixers are generally born from the German tradition and technology and, in particular, those that are called " Turbomixers ". SIPE has always been assimilating this technical choice, by developing the working principle and the use of mixer both in prefabrication and in civil building.

But how does a turbomixer work?

 High-efficiency forced-mixture turbomixers by SIPE are equipped with a fixed basin featured by a very low and compact building.

Into the annular mixing area, steel round-section arms, which are mounted in a alternated way and are equipped with mixing blades arranged at radial angle according to a peculiarly designed way, provide for the material mixture.

The material to be mixed is continually and rapidly moved from the internal and the external areas to the central one and from here, by constantly alternated currents, it is intensively mixed even from the bottom towards the top, and it is made homogeneous as well.

In this stage, the whole mixture is constantly kept in motion with a great turbulence by the mixing arms. As a consequence, it is possible to obtain short mixing times and a very high yield.

In which cases is it better to use the turbomixer?

 The turbomixer, besides being a very high efficiency machine, is a very flexible machine that preserves its own quality in all the production sectors where it is used.

It is possible to prepare fine sand mixtures, coloured mixtures, heavy, normal and light concrete types, without performing any technical changes to the SIPE forced-mixture turbomixer, as well as in the case of special mixtures, such as fireproof materials, limestone materials, elaborated materials for clay, ceramics and glass industry.

In particular, how does the mixer is built?

 All the parts of the different types of SIPE forced-mixture turbomixers have been designed according to the building principle with prefabricated pieces.

The mixing basin is a welded steel plate building. The bottom and the walls of the mixing basin are covered by interchangeable wear plates made of anti-wear steel HARDOX 400 and fixed by means of screws.

All covering plates are composed of segments and their replacement occurs with a great easiness. The mixing basin is steadily connected to the underpositioned frame, which is built with electrically-welded steel plate as well. By means of this frame, the forced-mixture turbomixer is mounted and anchored onto an operational platform or onto a supporting structural work.

The driving motor is protected against dirt and dampness, easily accessible and simple to disassemble.

The motion transmission from the electrical motor to the mixing rotor occurs by means of an epicyloidal-gear reducer in oil bath and at forced cooling.

The rotor is composed of the rotor body, equipped with the mixing arms and the scraper external arm that are adjustable and springy. The internal scraper is fixed to the lower wall of the rotor. The adjusting elements are protected from dust and dirt by the rotor cover. Inside the rotor, arms are connected with a spring torsion bar system. This system, together with the arms' fixing clutches, has the task to prevent and amortise any shocks, even anomalous, occurring during mixing operation. Moreover, the system makes arms' adjusting and their replacement very fast and simple. Mixing arms are built with round section steel bars and this largely prevents the mixture from sticking on them. Mixing blades, featured by a very high abrasion resistance, are easily interchangeable. The mixer can be supplied with 1, 2 or 3 exhausting openings that are driven in a electrohydraulic way, according to the customer's needs.

Therefore, why choosing a turbomixer ?

 High production yield. Great flexibility and mixing quality in case of the most different mixtures. Easy cleaning thanks to great free spaces above the basin. Operational safety on the fundamental mechanical devices that are never in direct contact with the mixtures. Easiness into maintenance operations thanks to the great spaces left inside the basin.

Photo of the tower, 800 brochures and mixer 1500 skip

 Our commercial and technical office is always at your complete disposal for any explanations you may need about this product, by contacting us at the telephone number 030.9962231.



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